Wow! One wonders just how we humans have coped with all the stumbling blocks imposed upon us- the crippling drought, extreme heat and bushfires and right when everyone thought things couldn’t get any worse, it did with the arrival of Covid 19.

Here on the farm meals on wheels became the norm for all of our stock, many of the birds and selected wildlife. Then, after years of drought, it rained, put some water back into the dams, green grass in the paddocks. extinguished the bushfires and got us back on the road to recovery. Much of our large garden suffered badly from the heat and dryness, the perpetual thick smoke and relentless wind along with the lack of water from us. But not the iris, they simply got on with their show. The 2019 bloom was surprisingly pleasing though slightly shorter than usual. Which was probably due to the drought. Another noticeable occurrence was that the flowers were very strong in colour and that there was very little pollen. We have revamped some areas of the garden and added another three large breeding beds and are looking forward to the 2020 bloom.

Last Seasons Star Performers

Tijara Big Redd
Tijara Check Out Chick
Tijara Pink Parade
Tijara Escape Route
Tijara Pip
Tijara Razzle Dazzle
Tijara Goldrush
Tijara Curtain Call Hero
Tijara Sam's Sister
Tijara Mabbs

As usual, at this time of the year, it’s time to keep preparing for the next growing season. That means iris housework such as tidying up the plants by removing old spent leaves, thinning out any overcrowded clumps, popping on some fertiliser so that it can be washed in when more rain gets here and renewing a good thickness of mulch around the rhizomes [not over]. Remember that keeping those roots protected from the hot summer sun in summer is so important. Pests such as aphids usually arrive with winter as they run to seek shelter from the cold. They will blight next years blooms if not treated, Other invaders of the garden such as possums, rabbits and grasshoppers have not shown any interest in our iris all, though cockatoos like to do lots of tidying up in spring.


Please Stay Safe, and Happy Gardening


From Shirley at The Tijara Iris Garden