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It’s time for our very first catch up. We’ve had a very busy and productive time here at Tijara Iris Garden despite the ongoing drought, with lack of rain combined with the usual down to minus 10c temperatures in winter!


The bloom season ran at least a fortnight late, but overall our spring flowering this season was very pleasing and colourful, with our Tijara bred iris blooming abundantly. The Tijara first time bloomers were particularly exciting with many new colours and colour combinations in their midst.


2018 saw us successfully achieve another 46 World Registered Tijara Irises, and we are currently preparing another 20-odd registrations for 2019.  Some new breeding that I’m certain will make it to World Registration and look out for in our webstore next season are Tijara Big Redd, Tijara Happy Ending, Tijara Team Spirit, Tijara Talking Point, Tijara On The Market, Tijara Hello Tomorrow, 

Tijara Hidden Agenda and Tijara Razzle Dazzle.

Blooming Spectacular

The most spectacular show last year was put on by That’s all Folks, Ice Opera, Astrobubbles, Tijara Pink Parade, Tijara Kevins Dream and Tijara Pricilla as usual!





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Shirley’s Tips to prepare for the Next Season’s Bloom

Tip # 1: Start in early February!

Weed and tidy your plants

Fertilise and lime your soil if it’s too acid.

We also mulch our garden beds with straw if we can get it [but not over the rhizomes].

It is also the ideal time to purchase and plant iris as most iris planted before the end of march will establish and bloom next season.


Remember that iris have few asks:

They like lots of sun , soil that will allow a free

root run, good drainage, not much water, and

only slightly acid to moderately alkaline soil.

They love cold conditions and frost and a no fuss

approach.  They dislike heavy shade, and humid

climates where it never gets cold at all – Although

they will grow happily in those areas, they

need cold to stimulate their bloom and

consequently there won’t be much of that.

Happy Gardening & Enjoy Life!


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