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Feeling Blessed

Thank-you one and all for your patience in waiting for the Tijara Iris Garden sales arm to get up and running again. Now that my medical issues have been sorted, we have the show back on the road with website sales back online since the middle of September 2022 and keeping me busy in the Garden!

Well, life still has its challenges though. The Covid mess struggles on and I hope you and yours have remained well during this. The drought is history, Thank Goodness! In fact, now it can’t stop raining. The soil is quite waterlogged, with the weeds are in plague proportions and almost sky high. Also, the snails have taken on war-style behaviour but, in spite of the snail attack our iris have put on a massive bloom this season. Further on I'll provide some tips on dealing with these disrespectful creatures! Many of the flowers were repeatedly damaged by the rain and weather however we are still enjoying a beautiful array of colour, with a slightly later bloom than usual.

Last Season's Star Performers:

Tijara Come In Spinner, Tijara Sister Act, Tijara Lu Lu, Tijara Two Step, Tijara Night Stranger, and Tijara Best Bet. Also, a considerable number of first/time bloomers were super exciting, and I look forward to assessing their performance over the next three years. So, keep your eye out for Tijara Annie, Tijara Can Can, Tijara Captain’s Pick, Tijara Charlie, Tijara Myrtle and Tijara War Games.

Tijara Myrtle for w reg IMG_8993 (1).JPG
Tijara Myrtle
Tijara Captains Pick  for reg. IMG_8925 (1).JPG
Tijara Captain's Pick
Tij Annie for w reg. IMG_9002.JPG
Tijara Annie
Tij  Lulu w.reg IMG_9100 (1).JPG
Tijara Lulu

In this newsletter we are also featuring some of our strong multipliers, with Tijara Hidden Agenda, Tijara Seafarer and Tijara Priscilla all sure to fill out your garden beds. Click the images for further details:

Tijara Hidden Agenda.JPG
Tijara Hidden Agenda
Tijara Priscilla.JPG
Tijara Priscilla
Seafarer Tijara.JPG
Tijara Seafarer

This season I feel it is important to discuss some pesky problems that are common to our precious plants, and even more so in this wet season, so my Top 5 issues to tackle are:

#1 Rhizome Rot. Iris detest wet feet, so good drainage is essential. We grow all ours in raised beds, but this is not possible for everyone for various reasons. If your iris are well established, you may have to assess where and how the water flows through your garden and make some redirection adjustments.  As a golden rule, never plant iris in any area where water pools, for they will certainly rot if left sitting in these conditions.

#2 Leaf Rust. This is a bacterial problem and is caused by constant moisture on the leaves, with the plants developing rusty spots on their leaf surfaces. Whilst it is ugly, it does not kill them. It can be managed and controlled by using an antifungal spray available at garden centres, but we just simply live with it as too much moisture isn’t usually the norm for us here.

#3 The Snails. For many years about six resident Indian Runner Ducks lived and roamed freely in the garden and managed the snail population beautifully, but then the foxes discovered the delectable duck dinners. So, after that we locked the ducks away and out of their reach overnight. However, it didn’t take the foxes long to solve their problem by visiting the garden in the daytime. Soon all the ducks were gone. What next to do? Maybe sawdust barriers, coffee grounds, or I guess there is always snail bait if you’re happy about using that sort of thing. At least they seek a more comfortable spot to sleep in over winter.                                                                    

#4 The Weeds. Control has been difficult this year and will continue whilst the soil is being kept moist. There are no easy fixes. But mulching certainly helps. Also, removing weeds before their seeds ripen and fall decreases the weed army in future years. We use roundup on walking paths but never close to iris or other plants.

#5 Bud Blight. Customers sometimes contact me regarding spasmodic malformation of single buds on otherwise healthy flower stems. It mostly occurs early in the season. This very occasionally happens here also. It is usually caused by thrip, is all ways random and not significant enough to worry about.


We are also launching out new Tijara Loyalty Club where you earn points for every order. Check it out over here: Tijara Loyalty Club 

And finally please don’t forget to keep up your iris housework and general care, taking reference to our tips page here: Growing your Tall Bearded Irises

Until next time, happy gardening 

Shirley @The Tijara Iris Garden

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